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EAD Aerospace is an Eclipse company. More detailsĀ : EAD Aerospace.

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Many air travellers, from Businessmen to members of the Armed Forces, have a need to stay connected while airborne and at Eclipse we have spent many years developing airborne satcom solutions to meet the needs of our wide variety of customers.

Access your email, surf the web or even setup a video conference at 40,000 feet and if you need to call the office, why not save money by using the latest in VoIP technology. We have partnered with the top equipment manufacturers and service providers to bring you the next generation of mobile communications. Eclipse was started as a company on three founding principles that have driven our business and allowed us to provide complete solutions to our customers. These principles are…


Since 1996, Eclipse has been proposing a range of products and complete solutions for airborne satellite communications. Eclipse's growth has been driven by meeting our customers' demands to maximize the usefulness and efficiency of the airborne communications needs. By listening to our customers first, then developing new ways of implementing the required functionality, Eclipse has continued to grow and develop a range of products, services, applications and turn-key solutions that meet the needs of the most demanding customer.


All of Eclipse's varied solutions are based on the single concept of communicating effectively with an aircraft. These solutions cover a range of applications from low data rate voice applications to high bandwidth data applications and require infrastructure in every part of the communications chain, from the user on the aircraft to the satellite network and continuing to the ground infrastructure and land-based end-users. Eclipse's complete understanding of every link in the communications chain allows us to provide our customers with the appropriate communications for their specific needs.


In the aeronautical environment an innovative approach and communications expertise is not sufficient to provide complete solutions to customers. Eclipse is first and foremost an aviation company, built by aviation industry experts with many years of experience with the aviation standards, regulatory and other complexities of the aeronautical environment. It is this profound understanding of the aviation industry combined with communications expertise and an innovative approach that allows Eclipse to provide completely integrated solutions suitable to the airborne environment. It is also this basic grounding in aviation that allows Eclipse to put our aviation customers at ease with the equally complex world of satellite communications.

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