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Ku/Ka Network Management
& Bandwidth Prioritization

While newer generation Ku and Ka band systems dramatically increase the amount of bandwidth available to airborne users, the bandwidth is provided in a single large “pipe” with no built-in ability to distinguish between which passengers and application will have access to the bandwidth.

Aero+ Flexibility allows the customer to manage various aspects
of their airborne Ku/Ka band network, including :

– Bandwidth allocation/prioritization by user, zone or application
– Dynamic re-allocation of bandwidth in-flight
– Optimization of data usage
– Passenger Credit Card Payment system
– Fall-back to SwiftBroadband

eclipse satcom aero+ flexibility bandwidth management prioritization portal interface
Aero+ Flexibility Portal Interface


• Fully customisable bandwidth allocation
• Aircraft zones activation / deactivation
• Onboard SATCOM system status monitoring
• Credit card payment system for passengers

eclipse satcom aero+ flexibility bandwidth main features

*Measured by SpeedTest

eclipse satcom aero+ flexibility bandwidth main features

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