• eclipse satcom new website

    Articles / 30.03.2015

    Eclipse Website Refresh !

    With the increasing visibility of the Eclipse brand, the website has recently undergone a complete transformation bringing with updated content and style.

  • Articles / 11.03.2015

    Eclipse Partners with TrueNorth

    Over the past decade satellite operators have continually developed more powerful satellites to provide higher bandwidths to aircraft and the airborne hardware market has followed suit with the development of the required airborne routers, servers and other networking technology and applications to effectively utilize that bandwidth.

  • eclipse satcom government wifi aircraft head of state

    Articles / 10.01.2015

    African Head of State relies on Eclipse

    Eclipse has recently completed a major SATCOM upgrade on an African Head of State wide-bodied Boeing aircraft, adding Wi-Fi capability and enabling the use of the Inmarsat Swift Broadband network. The engineering expertise and ability to provide the both the hardware and airtime were the key to selection of Eclipse for this high profile and time critical project.

  • eclipse satcom roll on roll of aviation hardware

    Articles / 04.08.2014

    Roll-on, Roll-off Solutions continue to proliferate

    Eclipse has been delivering Roll-on, Roll-off variants of airborne satcom hardware for many years and the flexibility and functionality provided by such systems means the need for innovation in this field has continued to grow. Eclipse recently completed two projects undertaken on behalf of our customers to provide new systems .