• eclipse satcom inmarsat assured access

    Articles / 19.06.2014

    Eclipse Provides First Inmarsat Assured Access Aeronautical services

    In recent years, Eclipse has been a part of many firsts in the aeronautical satcom community relating to both satellite services and airborne hardware.

  • eclipse satcom infrastructure

    Articles / 19.05.2014

    Eclipse Enhances Ground Infrastructure to better Support Customer Base

    As airborne satcom solutions become increasingly dependent upon IP technology and as voice communications continue to be vital to our customers, it has become more important for Eclipse to maintain the highest quality ground infrastructure.

  • eclipse satcom medical airborne hardware equipment

    Articles / 12.04.2014

    Aero+ Velocity Supports Airborne Medical Applications

    While Eclipse’s solutions support many important applications few are as important as a recent integration of Aero+ Velocity into the medical system installed aboard a Middle Eastern customer’s aircraft.

  • eclipse satcom french gov contract

    Articles / 12.03.2014

    Eclipse Awarded Major French Government Contract

    Eclipse has been notified by the French Ministry of Defense through the DIRISI (Directorate of Joint Networks of Infrastructure for Defense Information Systems) that Eclipse has been awarded the ASTEL L2 Aero Contract.