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EAD Aerospace, an Eclipse company, is supporting Inmarsat’s European Aviation Network (EAN) program, rolling-out this year, with STCs for several key commercial aircraft platforms. This is an exciting opportunity for EAD, whose focus is primarily on SATCOM connectivity, to use the company’s expertise and  integrate new communications technologies.

EAN combines high capacity satellite coverage with a complementary 4G LTE ground network, operated by Inmarsat’s partner Deutsche Telekom, to provide high-speed connectivity across all 28 European Union states, plus Norway and Switzerland.

The project combines Inmarsat’s multi-beam S-band satellite with approximately 300 ground towers, an infrastructure that is easily and cost-effectively scalable. As Inmarsat and Deutsche Telekom are building out the satellite and terrestrial networks, the EAD Aerospace team is helping to prepare the aircraft for operations by developing Supplemental Type Certificates (STC) for the antennas and avionics for both the ground communications and cabin network elements architecture. To date, STCs for Airbus A319, 320 and 321 CEO/NEO platforms for British Airways, Vueling, and Iberia from IAG group have been developed.

Participation in the EAN project builds on EAD Aerospace and Inmarsat’s continuing important relationship, focused on bringing connectivity solutions to the aviation market. EAD is providing STCs for its satellite universal mounting system (SUMS) to both the business aviation and commercial airline sectors to support long-haul inflight connectivity with GX Aviation. The EAN initiative will also extend this initiative to short-haul aircraft as well.

Eclipse and EAD Aerospace are proud to be a part of these groundbreaking programs to bring connectivity to passengers flying in Europe!

At Eclipse, we have spent many years developing airborne Satcom solutions. Built by aviation industry experts with many years of experience, Eclipse understands the complexities of the aeronautical environment. It is this complete understanding, combined with communications expertise and an innovative approach that allows Eclipse to provide completely integrated solutions to the entire Aviation Industry.

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