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EAD Aerospace Achieves JetWave STC on A319

UPDATED Dec, 5th.

EAD Aerospace, an Eclipse company, has delivered its first Honeywell JetWave STC for an A320 VIP project in partnership with a European MRO for a Middle Eastern final customer.  The solution provided is based on EAD Aerospace’s Satcom Universal Mounting System (SUMS) solution, which is also being used by EAD Aerospace partners for other STC projects including the A330, A340 and B777 platforms.  Eclipse’s long history in providing turn-key airborne satcom solutions combined with EAD Aerospace’s long history or providing connectivity related STC’s proved invaluable in ensuring that all aspects of the first project were successfully delivered. 

The challenges associated with delivering the SUMS solution were both technical and regulatory in nature.  The size and weight of the antenna and radome to be installed complicated many engineering issues including structural, bird strike, buffeting and other concerns.  From a regulatory perspective the relative newness of Ku and Ka band solutions meant that very close cooperation was required with EASA to ensure the certification project would move forward smoothly. 

Of particular concern for this installation was the heat to which the system will be exposed while on the ground in its home country and in other high temperature regions.  The temperatures resulting from time on the ground in such environments can be particularly harmful to the KRFU component of JetWave leading EAD Aerospace to engineer SUMS to allow for the installation of the KRFU inside the fuselage.   This was achieved through the design of a hybrid waveguide/coaxial solution to facilitate the RF connection between the JetWave Fuselage Mount Antenna (FMA) and the KRFU while coordinating with Honeywell to ensure the overall JetWave system performance would not be impacted.

In addition to providing a solution to this very specific problem EAD Aerospace are also meeting the varied needs of our customers by providing versions of SUMS that are ARINC 791 compliant and non-ARINC-791 compliant.  The non ARINC 791 version of SUMS is designed to minimize the impact of the installation on the aircraft to facilitate not only a simple installation but also a simple removal of the equipment in cases where leased aircraft must be returned to their original state.  This less intrusive hybrid design is achieved by attaching the baseplate to the tops of frames with no structural doublers required and a minimal part numbers required to conduct the installation. All versions of SUMS for JetWave include Honeywell’s ARINC 791 radome to assist customers’ spares management programs.  
The advent of new Ka and Ku band satcom systems has brought with it new challenges to the delivery of turnkey solutions that meet the technical, commercial and regulatory needs of various types of customers.  The ingenuity and creativity used to meet the specific needs of this customer while meeting the broader regulatory requirements of EASA and FAA will continue to be employed as EAD Aerospace delivers SUMS to follow on projects.

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Eclipse and EAD Aerospace are comprised of Aviation and Satellite Communication (satcom) industry professionals, providing aeronautical connectivity turnkey solutions for a combined period of almost 40 years.