The unique technical and certification requirements of the airborne satcom environment require that the applications meeting the needs of the passengers be designed specifically to work effectively. Through the course of provisioning airborne satcom air time and hardware over many years, Eclipse has also developed a robust range of applications designed to do just that.

Eclipse’s Aero+ range of applications meets requirements ranging from making a high quality VoIP call to the complex IP aggregation of multiple channels of satellite service to ensure the maximum available bandwidths are achieved.

  • VOIP

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  • Satcom interface, network configuration

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  • Video teleconferencing

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  • SBB Channel Agregation

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Eclipse has a thorough understanding of the terrestrial and satellite networks that are key to the efficient operation of any aeronautical SATCOM system. This is key when utilizing such services as high-definition full-motion video or when providing secure communications using government grade cryptographic devices. Eclipse serves many government and military customers using these services today, and has built a fully redundant and highly secure ground infrastructure to provide the best possible service to the end user.

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  • Full motion video
  • Blue Force Tracking
  • Secure data Transmission